Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's my turn!

June is my month for the QCA Bee #1. I have been pinning and planning which block I should do since first joining the group way back in December - so I'm just a little bit excited.

I have chosen the Ribbon Star Block, and found THIS FANTASTIC TUTORIAL over at Freshly Pieced.  The aqua/teal/white/grey block pictured towards the end of that post really appealed to me, so I am asking for something similar to it.

Each member of the Bee will make a block using the above tute and using the following fabrics :
** A white (solid) centre star
** A grey (solid) background - any grey, I think different tones of grey will give the quilt an interesting look!
** Colour A and Colour B are to be done in one colour - eg. lights for 'Colour A' and darks for 'Colour B' . My favourite colours are Green, Purple, Red and Pink - however I don't mind if you use what you have in your stash, as long as it's not orange!

Here is my block as an example.

It did take me just over 3 hours to complete this afternoon. Hopefully everyone enjoys the challenge!

Kate x

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have the Stash!

On Monday I came home to find a gigantic orange bag on my chair - it was the Travelling Stash hand delivered to me by the lovely Lara M.

WOW. Here is a pic of the awesomeness that was inside

I have decided to hang onto these goodies... fun animal print bag, homespun mags, leaf pins, 1 half yd and 1yd of Michael Miller prints, the bobbin holder and the rainbow tin with the owly buttons!

And here is what I'm putting back into the stash bag!

There is a half yd of a fun cow print (Alexander Henry), FQ pink Russian doll cord fabric, FQ bundle of Black/White prints, 1m Brown Owl print, FQ Yellow Trees print, FQ Aqua Owl/Trees print, Schmetz needles and a favourite spool of Rasant Thread in grey!!!
I managed to squish as much into the 3kg bag as I could.

Thank you so much Cass for organising a fun Australian Swap.

The stash is now off continuing its journey around Australia - next stop Maribel in VIC.